Tariffs and terms of business

Our standard charges per vehicle..

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The tables below show half day and day service charges for each car currently shown on this website. For most events, a half day booking is the most practical and popular option allowing for preparation time and travelling to you. Hourly rates are shown for top-up and comparison purposes.

We provide a Premium Service but our tariff compares with those of standard Private Hire and Specialist Operators.

You will be invoiced on account after service is provided but in some circumstances we may ask for deposits to cover certain costs before your event.

Gift vouchers and payment plans are available to budget.

We are here to help plan your event, whatever it takes…

The fees quoted below include Value Added Tax.

Fuel Supplement – the above fees include a 100 mile fuel allowance.
For long runs we will agree a top up charge on the day.
We will send you an invoice after the service has been provided.
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