Cortège Service

For funeral and ceremonial requirements the following special vehicles are particularly suited:

Bentley Arnage Limousine > dark blue – this Mulliner long wheelbase car offers generous legroom seating three passengers. Separate air conditioning front and rear. Wi-fi and Bluetooth. Audio DVD and TV systems are available but may not be appropriate for ceremonial use. With picnic basket in the large boot, and 3 umbrellas. An exclusive limousine with presence, for appropriate events.

Daimler Super V8 > dark blue – this modern efficient Daimler is a compact limousine offering every conceivable extra. With generous legroom, fully adjustable air conditioning front and rear, plus Wi-fi and Bluetooth. Also with picnic basket and umbrella and a large boot.

Rolls-Royce Silver Spur IV > graphite grey – this long wheelbase limousine for up to four passengers, three in the rear and one in front. Air conditioning, Wi-fi and Bluetooth for passenger comfort. The metallic grey colouring is similar to, and compliments, those used on many modern hearses and people carriers. This is a large stately car with presence. Picnic basket and umbrellas provided.

Daimler Double Six > this Series III 1992 car provides elegance and un-fussy comfort. Officially described as long wheelbase for up to four passengers. The grey leather hide is as new and appropriate to the overall colour scheme which is suited to cortège and ceremonial events. Air conditioning, Wi-fi and Bluetooth for passenger comfort.

Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III > black – the Silver Cloud has always been suited for ceremonial events due to its elegance and presence. Seating 4 passengers with the timeless rear bench seat for 3 people and front passenger seat. Our car is also air conditioned. Wi-fi and Bluetooth are provided. In the boot, umbrella and picnic basket are there of course. The Cloud III can also work with the Phantom V (see below) to provide a convoy of stately elegance.

Rolls-Royce Phantom V > dark green (appears black) – for the ultimate spacious limousine, the elegance, dignity and sheer presence of the Phantom V is second to none. The car of choice for Royalty, heads of state and the wealthy throughout the world. Three people can share the rear bench seat and two fold down occasional seats for two more. In the front compartment a footman will normally sit next to the chauffeur but this seat is available to passengers if necessary. There are independent heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in the front and rear compartments. A glass division behind the chauffeur is electrically operated and can be left up for privacy when required. The cocktail cabinet in the rear compartment with original decanters and glasses is available. Wi-fi and Bluetooth are provided. The giant boot has plenty of room for effects plus the picnic basket and umbrellas.

For most events we normally provide a footman with the Phantom to assist passengers due to the sheer size of the vehicle and for their safety and comfort.

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